Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nothing like chocolate to focus the mind ...

There was a certain anticipation in the last SBG Outcomes Grid I gave out ....

and what an amazing effect it had on concentrating student attention! "When is the chocolate lesson, sir?" ... "Umm.. I don't think we're quite ready for it yet .. we need to learn more before we can that do activity ...".   

So ... WCYDWT?

WCYDWT : What Can You Do With This?
 It's Dan Meyer's catch cry for starting a quality maths investigation.

With apologies to Dan, the truth is we just wanted an excuse for a treat at the end of the term! What better way to explore volume than with a quality chocolate exploration? And having those (now empty) Toblerone boxes around sure proved handy to demonstrate the idea of the "net" of a shape:

We also ate explored some rectangular prisms (Maltesers appropriately boxed) and an amazing rhombus prism package that held three Lindt balls, the contents of which went to the first three students who could draw the net of that prism. And for those who think that's too much chocolate - try a lesson using mandarins instead.

Two 200g Toblerone bars are more than enough for one class of 30. Although better to get smaller bars so you have more boxes to hand out. Nice thing about Toblerone is the bar is wrapped in foil, and students can break of a triangle and pass to the next person without getting messy.
Warning: Toblerone contains nuts (almonds) - so provide an alternative.  My nut-allergic students were most unimpressed with my suggestion we substitute with a box of cereal!

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