I teach mathematics at a public high school in Sydney, Australia. In a previous lifetime, I worked in software development in many roles, starting out as a programmer, becoming a software development manager, with forays into quality assurance, business analysis and sales and marketing. Somehow all these skills came together into a teaching career.

For my post-graduate Master of Teaching honours thesis I conducted an investigation on the use of one-to-one laptops in mathematics classrooms at five secondary schools. The research is published in the Mathematics Education Research Journal (MERJ).

I'm also an executive member of the Mathematical Association of NSW.

Topics I'm interested in:
  • Teaching and learning mathematics - for students and teachers.
  • Cross-curricular learning - with particular focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).
  • Working Mathematically.
  • Student motivation and engagement.
  • Alternate approaches to assessment, with a focus on formative assessment and Standards Based Grading.
  • Use of technology for learning mathematics.
  • Student Voice.
  • Mathematical ability - is it real or imagined?  Developing a Growth Mindset.
  • Ability streaming in secondary mathematics education (graded/streamed classes)
Aiming for a low Signal-to-Noise Ratio: My earnest goal - despite the "rant" part of exzuberant - is to keep the amount of interesting/useful information in this blog at a reasonable level. You won't be reading what I'm eating, or what my cats are doing here.

This blog is prepared as a service to the open education community. The opinions of the author expressed do not state or reflect those of my employer or educational institutions. This blog and all its contents have been developed in private time in the pursuit of a ‘personal interest project’.

Contact me: enzuber at gmail dot come or twitter @enzuber