GeoGebra HowTo

A set of guides designed for students giving clear instructions how to create various mathematical objects in GeoGebra,  followed by a few suggestions for exploration - making them suitable as activity sheets during, after or even before a lesson. The aim of these guides is to provide students objects they can touch and feel, allowing them to interactively explore the mathematical idea, as well develop GeoGebra skills so they can eventually explore their own ideas without a "How To" sheet.

There are no premade GeoGebra apps here - you have to build them - that's half the fun!

For Junior and Middle School

How to construct a parallelogram.
How to construct a rhombus.
This one appears straightforward but surprisingly easy to get confused, even after you have constructed it many time. Practice it first before giving to students because they will get lost!
Angles in a Circle
A good starting point for GeoGebra - assumes no previous use of GeoGebra.

For Senior School
How to construct a parabola using a focus point and a directrix.
Exploring the parametric representation of a parabola.

Polynomials: How to make a polynomial factor exploration tool.
Integration: Exploring the Area under a Curve
Exploration leading to the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.
I love this approach. Provided students have done the previous sheet (Exploring the Area under a Curve) they will be able to dynamically explore what is normally just given as an algebraic proof. Do the activity, then show the proof - it will make a lot more sense!

Sequences and Series:
Geometric Sequence Exploration Tool.
Create a dynamic geometric sequence tool. A good way to explore what happens for different value of the common ratio.
Bar chart and dot plot explained.

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