Tuesday, April 3, 2012

TeachMeet East At Kambala

A great way to get inspired: catch up with other teachers at a Teach Meet - come join the movement! Organised by teachers for teachers, Teach Meet seems to be really taking off in Australia.  Thanks to the teachers at Kambala school for hosting us tonight. 

My contribution:
The Function Zoo a Group Exploration Lesson Design v5 Annotated

This lesson is also available for free download at Maths Faculty

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  1. Hi Nordin
    So nice to meet you today. Your blog is BRILLIANT. Our profession is in good hands with first year teachers (like yourself) with your ideas, drive and enthusiasm! Please go have a look at my blog - have tried to upload the first two pages of my book.
    and mention it on twitter.
    Tracey (tracey_schreier@hotmail.com