Thursday, December 23, 2010

Current Obsessions - Summer Break 2010/2011

A monthly update on where my head is at right now

New interests:
My brand spanking new DET Teacher Laptop (Lenovo Edge11 - DET image: T3)
Early access to my Christmas present:  The 1973 BBC series The Ascent of Man
Exploring new (for me) software: Adobe Captivate, Microsoft OneNote
Standards Based Grading - exploring the beta for ActiveGrade

New thoughts: (new posts brewing...)
Mathematics is like an elephant
Living, learning and working in the cloud

Active interests:
Technology for education: one-to-one laptops, edmodo,
Professional Learning Network: Yammer, twitter, edmodo

On the back burner for now: 
Mathematics: GeoGebra, CAS, Ability grouping, Primary/Secondary transition
Real Maths :  See Conrad Wolfram and Dan Meyer
Science: Space, Genetics, Climate change
Open Textbook, Creative Commons
The Research-Practice divide
Public education
Restorative Practice, The Circle of Courage

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