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Just change one word: from "ability" to "achievement"
April 8, 2015

PDF version (Google Drive)

AB Quizzes
October 22, 2014
North Sydney Region Maths Association

PowerPoint template for an AB quiz

Author's copy of article in MANSW Reflections - 2013 Conference Issue

Games played by children and mathematicians
April 23, 2014
University of Sydney, Mathematics Education Alumni 2014 Conference.

A discussion on the important of bring play and "childish" things into high school classes - even for students working at the highest level of the syllabus.

A video of the presentation is available on WooTube:

Three tools: The ABQuiz, the Tracking Sheet, the Feedback Form
September 15, 2013
MANSW 2013 Conference, Terrigal.

Google docs - free download:

Links to the Feedback Form tools:
Feedback Form template (Word doc)
Feedback Form analysis (Excel spreadsheet)

Read it now in Scribd:
The Function Zoo : A group exploration lesson design
April 3, 2012
TeachMeet East, Kambala School

The Function Zoo a Group Exploration Lesson Design v5 Annotated

1:1 laptops in the mathematics classroom - with some thoughts for head teachers
Nov 1, 2011
MEMHTA - Met East Maths Head Teachers Association

Zuber-MEMHTA-2011-v1 Using one-to-one laptops in mathematics lessons
July 30, 2011
Engaging with the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics for 7 - 10
University of Sydney

Zuber Presentation v03 Public

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